Sanathana Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham, Thamarassery

Sanathana Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham, Thamarassery

Sanathana Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham, Thamarassery (since 2004) is the theological formation centre of the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (MCBS). Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham (DKV), the theology faculty, is affiliated to the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome and provides various degree courses and certificate courses in both spirituality and theology.

At the dawn of the third millennium, intending to lay foundation for a Eucharistic centered priestly, religious and ecclessial life, the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (MCBS) took the humble step of establishing its own theological seminary, sanathana – Divya Karunya Vidya Peetham (DKV) at Thamarassery, in Kerala, India. Though the primary purpose of this theologate is formation and education of the MCBS seminarians, Sanathana warmly welcomes candidates from the various dioceses and other religious communities. It welcomes also lay people who want to do theological researches and studies specially based on Eucharistic Centered Spirituality.

At present Sanathana DKV offers Bachelors Degree Courses in Theology. An eight semester curriculam envisioned at DKV offers various courses and training programmes aimed at forming the candidates in to mature, Holy and His people. Faculties for Masters Degree Courses and Doctoral Research will begin shortly.

The name of the MCBS Theologate is Sanathana , which means eternal embodiment of the divine sacrament and sacrifice that takes one to the summit of an authentic religious/priestly life consisting in self-immolation as expressed in the Eucharistic sacrifice of Jesus. The Word became flesh as primordial sacrifice and sacrament. “I have to undergo a baptism” (Lk 12, 50) which means His death on the cross for human salvation. “The blood of bulls you did not want… but you have given me a body… hence I come to perform sacrifice,” (Ps 40, 7-9; Heb 10, 5-9).

Seen from this perspective, the Eucharist is the Eternal Embodiment ( Sanathana) of the communion and compassion of Jesus where sacrifice and sacrament blend in a very special way. Authentic priestly and religious life is a sacrificial offering of one’s self that demands constant self-transformation, self-transcendence and the concomitant socio-political consciousness.

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The emblem of Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham (DKV) radiates the Eucharistic wisdom permeating the learning, lifestyle and culture. The upadesa-mudra at the centre of the emblem represents the Risen Christ. He is the Divine Guru (master) who imparts vidya through altar and cross to the sishya (disciple) symbolised by the burning flame. Through constant self-sacrifice sishya dispels all forms of ignorance, and impurity and becomes enlightened with the light of the Word and the life giving Eucharistic bread. Abiding in the Word – the two edged sword that pierces spirit and joints from the marrow – and nourishing from the life-giving Bread – the epiphany of communion – will enable one to lead a life of Trinitarian and cosmic communion and will awaken in the priestly candidate a mystico-socio-political consciousness. This is what the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament aims at imparting to all the candidates at Sanathana, the Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham.

The motto of Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham inscribed in the emblem is the prayer of the disciples of Emmaus, Stay with us Lord (Lk 24,29). Pope John Paul II took this prayer as the title of his Apostolic Letter, Mane Nobiscum Domine. This apostolic letter in connection with the Eucharistic Year 2004-2005, is the culmination of his Eucharistic teachings contained in Tertio Millennio AdvenienteNovo Millennio Ineunte Ecclesia de Eucharistia and Redemptionis Sacramentum.Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham established in the Eucharistic Year, upholds the values and principles of the Eucharist that leads one to a life of divine compassion through its celebration, contemplation, and adoration. The Eucharistic centred priestly and religious training offered at Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham will enable the candidates not only to free themselves from the snares of existential trials and tribulations but also to recognise and serve the Eucharistic Jesus in the happy as well as tragic times, places and persons.

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